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We make your vision a reality; stress free.


Sitting In A Tree was founded by Brandie who had the desire to share her passion for planning and organization with those around her. Adding Bonnie and Gretchen to her team gave her the support she needed to thrive.

Weddings can be stressful. They should be beautiful. Weddings can be chaotic. They should be fantastic. We dream of a world where celebrations bring people together and magic happens. Things like stress, lack of time and confusion should never get in the way of a girl having her dream wedding. Let us give you the best wedding day you could imagine. Groom not included.


Brandie Shaffchick,
Certified Wedding Planner
Brandie is the founder and lead consultant at Sitting In A Tree. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Saint Joseph’s University. She has a way with numbers which gives her the special talent of being able to work with any budget. She is also highly organized and hates to leave things incomplete.
Brandie began putting together and helping with events at a young age due to her involvement in the Girl Scouts of the USA. Her mother was a Service Unit Director and therefore was in charge of countless events, all of which Brandie had a hand in organizing. She earned both her Gold and Silver awards through community service projects and events. As an adult she has hosted and coordinated events of all varieties. She is currently a Certified Wedding Planner with the Association of Bridal Consultants and a registered member of the Society of Wedding Planners.

Bonnie Peters
Associate Consultant
Bonnie is a part time Associate Consultant at Sitting In A Tree where she assists in a variety of aspects with events. She has Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Findlay and completed a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at Villanova University. Bonnie has a strong background in youth, locksmith and adult education programs, and administration. Bonnie wrote an event planning guide for a nonprofit, has conducted workshops on event planning and has directed events of many levels.
Bonnie loves to organize and map out details. A full understanding of work/life balance and the many priorities that people have are important considerations for her while planning events customized to individual needs. In her spare time, Bonnie enjoys domestic and international travel.